Yoga teacher training

Yoga teacher training represents a deep and conservative journey for you if you are looking forward to deepening your yoga practice. You can share your passion for Wellness and guide others on the path of self-discovery when you join our ashtanga yoga teacher training. As the demand for qualified yoga teachers increases, enrolling in a reputable program is very important for you to embrace a fulfilling and purposeful career in the world of yoga.

Why choose our yoga teacher training?

Holistic approach

If you want to become a certified yoga instructor, then it is very important for you to choose the right program. Our training program stands out for its holistic approach to yoga education. Beyond the physical postures our curriculum also dives deep in the philosophical spiritual and mental aspects of yoga. The holistic approach ensures that you emerge as a pro yoga instructor and also as a well-rounded individual capable of guiding people on a comprehensive journey towards their own health and wellbeing.

Community support

When you choose to become a yoga instructor with us you can expect a supportive and nurturing community. The transformative power of yoga goes beyond math and our focus on community support fosters connections that truly last a lifetime. Through group activities discussions and collaborative learning experience you can build a network of like minded people who share a passion for your yoga and personal growth.

Proven track record

Once you decide to become a yoga teacher it is very important for you to choose a program with a proven track record. Our program boasts a history of successful graduates who have gone on to make a major contribution to the yoga community. The success stories of our alumni serve like a testament to the efficiency of our training and the positive impact it has on the lives of people who embark on this journey. 

Variety of courses

Understanding that every individual's journey is unique we ensure that we offer a variety of yoga teacher training courses to serve different needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for an intensive residential program or a flexible part-time program our range of courses accommodate different schedules. From foundational 200-hour yoga programs to advanced 500-hour Advanced certifications we provide a comprehensive spectrum of courses to align with your aspirations.

Expert guidance

Our team of experienced and certified yoga instructors bring a lot of knowledge and expertise to the training environment. You can become yoga certified with us as you can get wisdom of traditional practices from our experienced team. Our faculty ensures that you receive expert guidance throughout your training. The mentorship provided by the seasoned experts improves your learning experience. It fosters a deep understanding of yoga principles and effective technique.

Flexible online learning

We offer the best yoga teacher training as we offer flexible online training programs. This accommodates the different lifestyles and commitments of aspiring yoga teachers. It allows you to pursue the passion for yoga without compromising your existing responsibilities. The online platform provides you with a dynamic and interactive learning experience maintaining the integrity of the program while offering convenience and accessibility.

Certification options

We are completely committed to excellence and it goes beyond providing different certification options to suit your individual aspirations. Whether you are seeking A foundational 200-hour certification or you aim for advanced 500-hour credentials you can choose us undoubtedly. We align with the international standards ensuring that our certifications are recognized globally. When you choose us, you can get your hands on the best certified yoga instructor course.

Excellence in yoga education

Excellence in yoga education forms the core of our yoga program. We focus on the delivery of high-quality content ensuring that you receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education philosophy teaching methodologies and practical applications. The curriculum is specially designed to instill a deep appreciation for the transformative power of yoga. We empower you to inspire positive change in yourself and your future students.

Turiya Yoga bietet Yogalehrer-Ausbildungen in


Für diejenigen, die ihre Yogalehrerausbildung in einem behaglichen Rückzugsort im eigenen Land absolvieren möchten – umgeben von Quellen, frischer Luft und den Wäldern des Taunus, ist das Sampurna Seminarhaus nur 30 Minuten von Wiesbaden und Mainz entfernt und somit ideal erreichbar.


Für all jene, die die berühmten Sandstrände Mallorcas genießen möchten – bieten wir die Yogalehrer-Ausbildung auf Mallorca an. Besuche uns und erlebe eine wundervolle Zeit in der Turiya Yoga Finca. Unser Paket beinhaltet erstklassige Verpflegung und Unterkunft.

Goa, Indien

Wenn du deine Yogaausbildung am Strand absolvieren möchtest, jedoch auch einen Einblick in die Wurzeln des Yoga erhalten willst, bieten wir dir die Möglichkeit, in Goa, Indien, deine Ausbildung zu machen. Dort, vor der Kulisse von Kokosnussplantagen und grünen Hügeln, findest du zweifellos einige der schönsten Strände.

Himachal, Indien

Himachal in Indien ist bekannt für seine fröhlichen Menschen, die immergrüne Natur und die außerordentlich frische Luft. Es ist ein herausragender Ort für die Yoga-Praxis in Indien. Das Dorf Bhagsu, das etwa 2100 Meter über dem Meeresspiegel liegt und in der Nähe des Haupttempels des Dalai Lama zu finden ist...

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings

Our upcoming Kundalini yoga teacher training is a certified 200-hour program. You can embark on a transformative journey with us. You can immerse yourself in the fusion of traditional and modern online programs especially dedicated to training young professionals. Our online yoga teacher training program is recognized internationally and we have earned A certification through constant assessment. With courses in India, Germany and Spain we uphold high standards globally. You can experience a great shift in your daily routine starting with our early yoga practices in the serene embrace of nature. Our professional instructors will guide you through different asanas and meditation fostering A holistic approach to yoga. You can confidently teach worldwide carrying the essence of our transformative program no matter where you go. So, with us you can get your hands on the best online yoga teacher training

Yoga Teacher Training Modules

When you choose our online yoga teacher training course you can get your hands on different types of training modules. These modules can shape the foundation of your knowledge and expertise.

Yoga philosophy 

In our yoga instructor certification, learning about the essence of yoga philosophy is perfectly embedded in the training modules. The websites highlight a commitment towards the ancient teachings of yoga drawing inspiration from different texts like Bhagwat Gita. The philosophical foundation provides you with a profound framework of understanding the spiritual dimensions of yoga.

Anatomy and physiology

As we offer the best yoga instructor certification online we placed a major emphasis on the study of anatomy and Physiology we are highly committed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the human body mechanics and the impact of yoga postures on your physical well-being, the knowledge will equip you with all the skills to teach safely and adapt practices to the unique requirements of your bodies.

Teaching methodology

The teaching methodology at yoga instructor classes is specially designed to help you make the most of the art and science of effective yoga instruction. The focus is all about creating engaging and inclusive classes that serve different needs of your students. We foster a sense of confidence and competence in you.

Practical application

The practical application models are available at our yoga instructor classes online as we focus on the importance of practical experience in leading yoga classes. You can engage in practice teaching sessions and receive constructive feedback and you are also encouraged to apply theoretical knowledge to real life teaching scenarios. The practical part ensures that you graduate with confidence and capability to lead the sessions.

Meditation and breathwork

Meditation and breathwork are very important parts of our yoga instructor course. We include different meditation techniques and pranayama practices. We focus on our transformative effects on mental clarity and emotional well-being. The meditation and breathwork modules contribute to a holistic approach towards yoga. We align with the ancient Yogi principles of balancing your mind, body and spirit.

Ethics and lifestyle

We place a strong emphasis on ethical considerations and lifestyle aspects of yoga teaching. When you choose our yoga instructor course online you can be stress free as we focus on the importance of maintaining professional ethics and boundaries in teacher-student relationship. You are encouraged to embody the principle of yoga in your daily life fostering authenticity, integrity and commitment towards ethical conduct both on and off the mat.

Yoga Teacher Courses We Offer 

We offer the best yoga instructor training program as we are completely committed to nurturing mindful and knowledgeable yoga instructors. Every course is perfectly crafted to cater to different aspirations and levels of expertise ensuring that you can embark on a transformative journey that aligns with your unique objectives .

200H yoga teacher training

 Our foundational yoga teacher course sounds like a great introduction to the art and science of yoga instruction. The course is a special design for you if you are looking for a comprehensive understanding of yoga principles as a beginner. The course covers key components like yoga philosophy, anatomy and teaching methodology. You can emerge with a strong foundation ready to embark on your teaching journey with confidence and pro efficiency.

+300H yoga teacher training

If you are looking forward to deepening your knowledge and expanding your teaching skills, then you can go for a yoga teacher for seniors Course. The 300-hour yoga teacher training offers you enriching exploration building upon the foundation of the 200-hour course. The program deals in the advanced parts of yoga philosophy, specialized workshops and in-depth practical application. You can emerge with heightened expertise ready to guide students through more complex practices and customized classes to unique populations.

Yoga teacher training +400H

This yoga teacher certification course is especially designed for you if you are committed to mastering the art of yoga instruction. The comprehensive program integrates advanced teachings, specialized workshops and an in-depth exploration of meditation. You can undergo an immersive experience that refines your teaching methodologies and shows that you can create impactful and transformative yoga sessions for you no matter what your skill level

Yogalehrer Ausbildung 500H

It is one of the best yoga teacher courses online as it aligns with the international standards and serves you if you're seeking an in-depth and internationally recognized certification. The curriculum includes advanced yoga philosophy, anatomy teaching methodologies and practical applications providing you with a holistic understanding of yoga that goes beyond geographical boundaries.

Yoga teacher for seniors

You can go for yoga teacher training for seniors who truly want to learn everything about the basics of yoga for seniors. You can become a yoga instructor for seniors as the program equips you with the knowledge and skills to adapt yoga practices for seniors' mental clarity and emotional balance. It embraces the principles of inclusivity ensuring that yoga remains accessible to everyone.

How Can I Enroll?

If you want to enroll for yoga alliance certification you can just follow the steps given here.

    • you can first visit the official website and explore the detailed information about yoga trainer certification. Our enrollment process is a special design to be user friendly.
    • If you have any questions or queries you can contact our customer support team. They can familiarize you with course structures, duration and specific focus area. This will help you identify the best yoga trainer training program that aligns with your objectives and interests.
    • We often conduct information sessions or webinars to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the yoga teacher training courses. You can attend all the sessions to interact with instructors and ask questions.
    • All the yoga teacher training courses have specific requirements which can be found on our website. You can review the requirements carefully to ensure that you align with the given criteria.
    • After submitting your application and required documentation for yoga training certification you must await confirmation from us. After acceptance on the program, you will receive payment instructions. You can follow the provided payment instructions to complete the course fee payment.

    FAQs Yoga Teacher Training

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    How can I stay updated on the latest information about course updates, schedule changes, and other announcements?
    Can international students enroll in your yoga teacher training courses, and what is the process for obtaining a visa, if required?