200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Embarking on a journey to become a certified yoga instructor is truly a transformative and empowering experience. We take immense pride in offering you the best 200-hour yoga teacher training. When you choose us, you can get your hands on the best training program that equips you with the skills to teach yoga and at the same time you can also nurture your personal growth and well-being.

Why Us For 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our 200-yoga teacher training center boasts the latest facilities which are especially designed to create a perfect environment for learning and self-discovery. From spacious and velvet yoga studios to comfortable meditation spaces we focus on your comfort and also, we focus on creating an atmosphere that improves your overall well-being and experience. 

Personalized Learning

We understand that every individual comes with unique strengths and areas for growth. Our program is especially designed to provide your customized attention ensuring that you receive the best guidance to improve your understanding of yoga philosophy and teaching methodologies. I would experience instructors who are committed to supporting your individual journey towards becoming a confident yoga teacher.

Holistic Approach

You need to know that yoga is not just physical practice, but it is a holistic lifestyle. Our training program goes beyond the posters diving deep into the philosophical and spiritual parts of yoga. We look forward to nurturing your physical abilities and also your mental and emotional well-being. We foster a holistic approach that prepares you to share your complete experience with your future students.

-Expert Instructors

Our team of seasoned yoga instructors bring a lot of knowledge and experience to the training program. All our experts are dedicated to imparting the best teachings of yoga drawing from both traditional wisdom and modern insights with a huge range of expertise of instructors to create a dynamic enriching learning environment ensuring that you receive the best training. 

Affordable Investment

We believe that best quality yoga teacher training should be accessible for everyone. Our program offers an affordable investment in your personal and professional development. We understand that financial commitment is involved in pursuing a 200-hour yoga teacher training, so we look forward to making the transformative journey really affordable. When you choose us, you can expect the best training program without burning a hole in your pocket.

Community Support

When you join our program, you can become a part of a supportive and like-Minded community. We look forward to fostering a sense of belonging and connection among our trainees, creating a network that goes beyond the training time. The community support that you will find here is completely invaluable as you navigate all the challenges and triumphs of your yoga teacher training journey.

Proven Success Stories

Our track record truly speaks for itself and with plenty of success stories from our past students who have made a major impact in the yoga community. Our alumni makes us proud, and we also take pride in their contributions to spreading the teachings of yoga globally. We believe that your success is our success, and we are committed to guiding you on the path of becoming the best yoga teacher.

Flexible Training Options

We understand the unique commitments that you might have so we offer flexible training options to accommodate different schedules. Whether you prefer intensive immersion, or a part time schedule, our program is especially designed to provide you with flexibility while maintaining the depth and integrity of your training curriculum. We understand that life is multifaceted, and we look forward to making our training accessible to you even if you have varying time constraints.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our 200-yoga teacher training curriculum is perfectly crafted to cover all modern parts of yoga education from foundational arsenals and alignments to philosophy and teaching. We offer a comprehensive curriculum which ensures that you receive the perfect education. When you leave our program you not just leave a certified yoga instructor but of course a knowledgeable and a confident ambassador of the yogic tradition.

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

We take pride in being accredited by Yoga Alliance, a globally recognized organization that sets the standards for yoga teacher training programs. Our accreditation reflects our commitment to meet and exceed the highest educational standards. After completing our yoga teacher training course, you would be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance enhancing your credibility as the best qualified yoga instructor.

Program Details

Our yoga 200-hour training is one of the best courses that you can ever take as in our program the ancient wisdom of yoga blends with modern teaching methodologies. Our training is especially designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of yoga including different physical posture’s philosophy anatomy and teaching techniques.

Yoga Teacher Training Modules

Foundations of yoga practice next line in the foundational model you can learn more about the essence of yoga exploring its history philosophy and fundamental principles. We draw inspiration from our commitment to impart wisdom and our experienced instructors will guide you through the roots of yoga. We will help you build a strong foundation for your teaching journey.

Asana exploration

In our ryt 200 you can learn everything about the alignment and precision of asanas. We guide you through a detailed study of yoga posters focusing on the right alignment adjustments and the therapeutic benefits of every pose. The module will equip you with the skills to teach all the posters effectively.

Anatomy and physiology

You can understand the human body when you choose our yoga teacher training course. We are committed towards holistic learning as we cover all the anatomical structures involved in yoga postures. The effects of yoga on your body and how to adapt all the practices for your individual needs.

Turiya Yoga offers yoga teacher training in


For those who would like to complete their yoga teacher training in a comfortable retreat in their own country - surrounded by springs, fresh air and the forests of the Taunus, the Sampurna Seminarhaus is only 30 minutes away from Wiesbaden and Mainz and is therefore ideally accessible.


For all those who want to enjoy the famous sandy beaches of Mallorca - we offer yoga teacher training in Mallorca. Visit us and have a wonderful time at the Turiya Yoga Finca. Our package includes first class food and accommodation.

Goa, India

If you would like to complete your yoga training on the beach, but also want to gain an insight into the roots of yoga, we offer you the opportunity to do your training in Goa, India. There, against the backdrop of coconut plantations and green hills, you will undoubtedly find some of the most beautiful beaches.

Himachal, If

Himachal in India is known for its cheerful people, evergreen nature and exceptionally fresh air. It is an outstanding place for yoga practice in India. The village of Bhagsu, which is about 2100 meters above sea level and is found near the main temple of the Dalai Lama...

Teaching methodology

We are dedicated to excellence in teaching and our methodology module focuses on effective communication class sequencing and creating a great learning environment. You can learn about all the skills that you need to guide your students to a well-structured and engaging yoga class full

Pranayama and meditation

We focus on the spiritual aspects of yoga and our pranayama and meditation module explores breathwork and mindfulness practices. When you choose us, you can learn everything about the techniques to deepen your practice and guide your students and cultivating A focused mindset for

Yogic philosophy and ethics

We are committed to imparting traditional yogic philosophy and it resonates in our module for yoga teachers. We will help you learn everything about the application of yogic principles in your daily life. This module will encourage a deep understanding of the spiritual aspects of yoga full

Practical teaching experience

When you choose us, you can learn how to put theory into practice. You will have amazing opportunities to lead actual classes, receive constructive feedback and even refine your teaching skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Specialized workshops

We are committed to providing you with a well-rounded education and our program also includes some specialized workshops. This might cover topics like adjustments to restorative yoga or business skills for yoga teachers. It will improve your expertise in specific areas of interest. 

Integration and review

As you are near the completion of your training our integration and review model will consolidate your learning to a great extent. We will help you revisit your concepts, address any remaining questions and prepare you for the final stages of the program. We will ensure that you feel confident, and you are ready to embark on your teaching journey.


Our program concludes with the graduation journey as we draw inspiration from our holistic approach to yoga education. After completion, you can join a supportive network of our alumni and get access to ongoing resources and opportunities for further growth.


The cornerstone of a balanced and holistic lifestyle is embarking on a day filled with purpose and mindfulness.

7:00 AM to 9:00 AM

You can start your day with great yoga practice which sets the tone for the rest of your day. This time exploration of pranayama and meditation fosters a connection between breath body and mind. The practice aims to cultivate your strength, flexibility and a sense of inner peace.

After the yoga session you can indulge in a nourishing breakfast. The meal features a balance of nutrients aligning with the principles of your holistic wellbeing.

10:00 AM to 11:30 am

You can engage in a study of darshan shastra which is the philosophy and Physiology which deepens the understanding of philosophical pinnings of yoga or the delicate workings of your body. The theoretical exploration contributes towards a more profound comprehension of the holistic nature of yoga.

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM-

In this time, you need to focus on teaching methodologies or adaptation of yoga practices to your individual needs. You need to understand effective teaching strategies and learn how to adapt practices for different populations. You will also get a lunch break that will offer mental and physical rejuvenation. You just need to savor a nutritious and mindful session which fosters a sense of community and self-care.

2:30 to 4:00 PM

The afternoon session resumes with the continuation of the teaching methodologies and here you can reinforce the practical knowledge and hands-on skills ensuring that you are well prepared to guide your students.

4 to 5:30 PM

You can explore the specific yoga asanas and specialized techniques which will improve your physical practice. The session goes beyond the basics, here you can learn everything about the advanced posters alignment, and it promotes continuous growth.

6 to 7:30 PM

The evening yoga practices are specially designed to deepen your personal practice. The session incorporates different styles of yoga encouraging exploration and self-discovery on your mat.

Dinner break

A wholesome dinner is included in your package which provides you with an opportunity to refuel and share a communal meal. 

Post dinner activities

You can choose to engage in optional activities like group discussions or quiet reflection. These activities promote a sense of community and allow for personal interaction.

Retreat time

As the day ends you are encouraged to take time for self-reflection meditation and personal activities which promote relaxation. You need to know that a consistent rest time  allows for winding down and preparing for restful sleep.

How I Can Enroll

You can visit our website and learn more about yoga alliance ryt 200. You can familiarize yourself with the curriculum instructor’s daily schedule and the overall philosophy.

  • You can join our information sessions or webinars to get a first understanding of what yoga teacher training includes. The interactive session provides you an opportunity to ask questions, learn about the training structure and connect with the instructors.
  • You can reach out to our admissions team if you have any specific queries.
  • You need to ensure that you meet the prerequisites of the training program as you need to have some minimum level of yoga experience and a genuine passion.
  • Furthermore, you need to complete the application form by providing all the personal information about yoga background and motivations for enrolling in the yoga teacher training course. 
  • Once you complete the application form you need to pay the fees.
  • After receiving the application our admission team will review it and send you a confirmation enrollment with a welcome kit.
  • As the training date approaches you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically for this amazing experience. On the first day of the training, you can attend the orientation session where you will receive the overview.
Information About Fees

Our yoga teacher training 200h offers a great experience which is spread across 21 days set against the unique backdrop of a tranquil yoga resort. You will be provided comfortable accommodation within the serene ambiance of the yoga resort and the accommodations are especially designed to provide you a peaceful retreat where you can immerse yourself in the yogic teachings
The immersive experience, which includes everything from accommodation to nourishing meals, is available for 2799 EUR and it is a 21-day program.

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